Grace Academy

Christian Education for Home Educated Students

Supporting Home Education

Grace Academy supports homeschooling families by offering enrichment classes for elementary and challenging academics and elective classes for junior high and high school. Students participate in class parties, field trips, service projects, student councils, senior trip, and yearbook. Our goal is to provide an educational experience that fosters Christian friendship while maintaining high academic standards. Our staff and teachers understand the needs of the homeschooling family and know that not all learning is from a textbook. We strive to support families to train up Christian men and women. The staff and teachers work with parents as home educators.

Preparing Students

Through providing challenging academics, using technology, and focusing on skills for success in the workplace and college, Grace Academy prepares students to embrace their future. Our academic classes utilize Christian curriculum and are taught by experienced teachers. The use of technology is required through the school's online system where assignments and grades are posted. Students submit homework online and participate in forums, discussions, and online learning. Habits for success in college and work are developed through the structure and accountability that are part of every class at Grace Academy.

Christian Principles

Grace Academy seeks to make decisions about enrollment, classes, staff, and activities based on Christian values. Students enrolled in Grace Academy are from families who are liked-minded spiritually and strive in honoring the Lord Jesus Christ with their lives. Curriculum chosen for classes is Christian based and sciences are taught from a creationist view. The staff at Grace Academy know that we are Christian models and guides for our students and know that a being a Christian example for students is an important calling on one’s life. All activities are based on respect for others and self.

"Grace Academy had a positive impact on my sons' education. And I found it was the best of both worlds. They had the benefit of learning and developing friends at Grace and I was still able to shape their education to meet their individual needs."
Melissa Rowe
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Tiea Taylor
Junior High - High School Coordinator

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