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Position Essay by Katelyn M, Advanced Writing Student at Grace Academy

      This 2017 election is one of the worst in history. Two horrible people are our only options to govern our (once) great nation. Either way we go things do not look too great, but one of the options will lead us further than we ever wanted to go. Hilary Clinton is a woman who has lied, broken the law, and wants more then anything to take our freedoms away. Why should we let such an evil woman take control of our country? March 2015 is when a brand new scandal surrounding a Clinton would surface. Hilary Clinton used her personal email to send many secret and top secret documents. Being a part of the United States Secretary of State, this was a major deal. The information she sent was vital to our country’s security and well-being. It was a very foolish thing to do, showing that she did not care enough for her country to try to protect it in every way possible.
      On separate occasions, Clinton scoffed at the rape and sexual harassment of girls. One was in ‘75 when a young twelve-year-old girl was raped; not only did Clinton ignore and try to smear what the young girl said, but she also got the rapist a lighter sentence even though she knew he was guilty. She also denied the allegation of women who said Bill Clinton had sexually harassed them. She called them “trailer trash.” Hilary Clinton is a strong feminist, and that was a very anti-female thing to say. It is a well-known fact that agencies linked to terrorist groups have given money to Clinton on several occasions. She has been very casual toward Islamic issues, and in some situations being sympathetic towards them instead of stating what they are. Someone who defends the threats of our country should NOT have any connection to the office.
      Our great country was built on the basic principle of freedom. It is what has kept us going through the tough times. What will we be without any freedoms? How will we stand against the evil threatening our nation if we cannot pray to the one who holds our nation? Clinton not only wants to stifle our freedom but also wants to break our spirit. Why on earth would we give our nation so easily to someone with such cruel and evil intentions?
      God is the leader of our country, not Obama, not Hilary or Trump. They can try to be in control, but in the end God is in control of our destiny. He will never leave us nor forsake us no matter how dark the days ahead may be. Let us be a light to a lost and dying world, and let us not hand over the candle to someone who will stifle our light forever.
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