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Say No to Drinking and Driving

Don’t Risk It, Essay by Sarah Grace S, Advanced Writing Student at Grace Academy

A night like any other changed his life. He got behind the steering wheel, along with being under the influence of alcohol, and the outcome..well it was a miracle. He was driving home late that night, after having “some fun” with his buddies; he was only five minutes away from his home when he wrapped his Pontiac Firebird around a tree. The doctors diagnosed him with a broken neck. The doctors told him that if the break had been only the width of six pieces of copy paper wider, he would have been paralyzed from the neck down or dead. It was truly a miracle. After recovering from a broken neck, along with having to learn how to walk again, my dad made a promise that he would never touch alcohol again. To this day, he has stayed true to that promise.


Drinking and driving is not a good mix and, definitely, does not bring any positive outcome. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “Every 90 seconds, the frequency a person is injured in a drunk driving crash.” By the time you finish reading this paper, multiple people could have been injured in a wreck, caused by a drunk driver. Nothing positive comes from drinking. A hangover is the least of your worries when you decide to drink alcohol; by taking that drink, you could not only harm yourself but others. You could end up paralyzed or dead, due to something so meaningless as alcohol. The great thing is you have the choice to say no, to say no to all of the awful possibilities that alcohol can bring.


Alcohol can also cause severe health damage. The National Institute of Heath states, “Nearly 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States.” It can affect your brain, heart, blood pressure, liver, pancreas; and it can cause cancer along with weakening your immune system. The ones named are only a few of the many effects that alcohol can bring. This as well is something you can say no to when choosing not to drink alcohol.


Alcohol not only causes many accidents, health damage, and pain but it can also cause regret. A lot of regret. “Our challenge is to stop people from driving drunk. Punishing then afterwards doesn’t bring back the victim or make the family feel better. The idea is to stop the DWI before it happens.” Pete Gallego explains it well. If you were to cause an accident, due to drinking and driving, you could find yourself in the hospital or in prison. Either way, regret can find you. Regret is one of the hardest things to escape from, and just the regret alone could cause someone to want to take their own life. These are just a couple of the many things that you are saying yes to when you say yes to alcohol.


The worst of all is that drinking causes several fatalities. According to, “In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes…” So when you are thinking of having a drink, just choose the better option and say no; say no to the accidents, health damage, regret, and fatalities. It will not only save you from a hangover, but it could also save your life. By making a promise like my dad made so many years ago, you could be saving yourself and others from all of the above and from telling a similar story. Make the promise to say no.

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